Aliasing Visibility Test
Worst-Case Aliasing Visibility Test

Instructions: Slowly move further away from your display until you can't see aliasing.

Description: This test allows you to determine how far away you can get from your display before you can no longer see the benefits of the resolution of your display. This is useful in determining the distance from a 4K display, for a virtually worst-case computer graphics animation, to determine how far away the point is, where you no longer see the benefits of 4K. Computer graphics (lots of sharp lines) is far clearer than video, pushing the limits of human vision acuity, including via indirect effects such as shimmering caused by aliasing, even when individual pixels are too small to be resolved individually by the human eye.

Interaction with Gamma: Enabling anti-aliasing can create a "beads" effect on thin lines. This can be made less visible by adjusting display gamma. Adjust gamma until the "beads" along the antialiased line, are no longer visible from a distant viewing distance. However, this may not necessarily match the display's best gamma point.
Use Cases: Computers and game graphics. One example is "Borderlands" video game series, which use rotoscope-style graphics and thin high-contrast lines.

Line Color:
Background Color:
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