Black Frame Insertion Demo
Demo of motion blur reduction via black frame insertion.

It has long been known that flicker can reduce motion blur. It is why CRT displays still have less motion blur than most LCD displays. Some 120Hz monitors have a strobe backlight that eliminate motion blur. Motion blur reducing strobe backlights (e.g. LightBoost) puts black periods between frames, and is more efficient than this software-based black frame insertion. The motion blur you see is caused by eye-tracking (sample-and-hold), see related TestUFO: Eye Tracking Motion Blur Demo.
Some emulators (MAME, WinUAE) use this technique for 60 fps on 120 Hz monitors. See

For most LCD, the half framerate animation creates a 50%-50% duty cycle of flicker, which reduces motion blur by approximately 50% on most LCD's.
For CRT and LightBoost, this animation is more dramatic, since it eliminates the double-image effect (30fps@60Hz with the clarity of 60fps@60Hz).
Also, this animation flickers more on 60Hz monitors (bad 30Hz flicker), while it looks much better on 120Hz monitors (better 60Hz flicker).

WARNING: This animation should not be viewed by persons susceptible to epilepsy.

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