Variable Refresh Rate Demo — G-SYNC, FreeSync
Variable Refresh Rate Simulation — G-SYNC, FreeSync

This test simulates variable refresh rate technologies including G-SYNC, FreeSync, VESA AdaptiveSync, HDMI 2.1 VRR, and others.

Variable refresh rates (VRR) eliminate stutters of fluctuating frame rates, by varying the refresh rate to exactly match a varying frame rate. This VRR demo uses interpolation techniques to emulate the look of a smoothly variable refresh rate, with seamless transitions between framerates. This is good for video games with a variable frame rate, and is a popular feature in gaming monitors. Done in hardware, it also greatly reduces lag and eliminates VSYNC OFF tearing artifacts.

For displays supporting variable refresh rates, see List of FreeSync Monitors as well as List of G-SYNC Monitors.

Frame Rate Pattern:
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IMPORTANT: Close all apps and other browser tabs and windows for best performance! Keep Aero turned on.
*Problems? Check Your Browser. Supported Browsers with VSYNC: Chrome (up to 240Hz+), FireFox 24+ (up to 240Hz+), IE 10+ (Limited to 60Hz).
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